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Natural Depression Treatments

The focus of this website is natural depression treatments. As I have mentioned elsewhere, 'natural' does not mean that conventional treatments of depression, that being talk therapy and antidepressants, are unnatural. In fact, talk therapy can be very healing and therapeutic and antidepressants have their value as well (especially if you suffer from severe depression).

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I am simply focusing on powerful natural remedies for depression that can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional treatments. Please understand I am NOT making any statements or positions that are against standard depression treatments, which have helped countless many overcome depression.

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Mindfulness And Guided Meditations

Mindfulness is a meditation and behavioral technique used to stop the cycle of negative thinking. You are taught to be a passive observer of your thoughts (without falling victim to the usual emotional crash) and enjoy the peace of the present moment.

Guided meditations includes guided visualizations and self-hypnosis programs to help you positively influence your subconscious mind in order to alter habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Emotional Health

Emotional health programs teach you how to rid yourself of negative emotions as they arise. This also includes the specific and unique method called the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Exercise And Dietary Supplements

Vigorous exercise is another on the list of the best natural depression cures. It has helped me tremendously and should be part of any depression recovery program.

There are also a variety of supplements that can act as natural remedies for depression. These include fish oil, SAM-E and 5-HTP, St. Johns Wort and the vitamins B and D3.

Books and E-books

There are many books written by experts about healing depression that can be of great value. On this page I have highlighted what are some of the best, in my opinion.

Depression E-books are usually written by fellow sufferers who have overcome depression and put their journey to words. You can find powerful depression self-help here written by people who have been where you are. These E-books also help realize that you are not alone in depression, and if other people overcame it, so can you.

These natural depression treatments may be highly effective in your depression recovery plan. I created this website because I don't think many people who suffer are aware of them. In addition to antidepressants and outside the therapist's office (or in conjunction with it), there is great wisdom out there, and I have happened upon much of it through my journey of depression. I wanted to share some of what I have found.

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